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What is eAGM?

Enables shareholders to participate in AGM/EGM proceeding of the company and facilitates remote e-voting. Registration and Voting software was developed to help listed companies to achieve voting results with ease in a transparent, accurate and faster mode resulting in good corporate governance and shareholders satisfaction by the company. e-Voting software, certified by STQC, is fully protected and backed with real time online DR. InstaPoll is a modern, touch enabled application for managing electronic polling events at physical Meetings.

E-GMs replicates physical General Meeting of the company on the virtual platform via Video Conferencing mode or Other Audio Video Means. Fully complainant and developed to handle multiple events across multiple cities parallelly at any point of time

Unique Features

Easy access

Moderator assistance

Single sign on

Video recording and transcript assistance

Integrated voting option for shareholder so that continuity of meeting doesn’t get disturb during the meeting

Option to upload the document by the client for inspection by the shareholders

Web Features